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Quarter Notes is the intermediate ensemble of Princeton Girlchoir, designed to continue the development of the singer’s vocal and musical skills. In Quarter Notes, girls develop healthy vocal production through the study of proper breathing technique and singing with open space and relaxed tone. Significant time is also spent studying vowel shapes, basic music theory, Solfege as a means to improve sight-reading skills, various rhythmic exercises, and ensemble technique. Choristers apply this knowledge through the learning of a culturally diverse repertoire. Voicing ranges from unison to three parts. Singers remain in Quarter Notes for one to three years.

In addition to studying fundamentals, the Quarter Notes choir is a place where choristers begin to discover, understand, and express their innate musicality. Choristers are challenged to explore and connect to the emotional content of the repertoire and effectively communicate mood and message through song. All the while, the choristers benefit from sharing their musical and social growth with a group of girls who are talented, encouraging, and enthusiastic about making music.

To advance to Quarter Notes, singers should demonstrate:

  • Proper vocal technique
    • Body alignment/posture, breathing (inhalation and exhalation, breath support), vowel placement
  • Basic music reading skills
    • Reading a choral score observing the vocal line, measures, text, rhythm and melody.
    • Reading and singing in pentatonic scale using the moveable “do” system.
    • Reading and singing simple rhythms (quarter and eight notes and rests)
    • Reading and singing using simple duple and quadruple meters.
  • Vocal independence when part-singing
  • Proper stage presence and deportment
  • Musicianship and vocal abilities required for Grace Notes

The time commitment for Quarter Notes includes:

  • 75-minute weekly rehearsals on Tuesdays
  • retreats (generally 2 Saturday afternoons per year)
  • dress and pre-concert rehearsals
  • winter and spring concerts

Additional performance opportunities often arise during the year.

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