Et….nous commençons!!

Nous nous sommes réveillés de bonne heure pour charger le bus et nous avons dit au revoir à nos parents…en espérant n’avoir rien oublié! Dans un bus confortable, avec wifi…très important…nous avons commencé notre voyage vers notre premier arrêt au stand…Lake George!!

Non, this blog will not be in French….don’t worry!

We made it to beautiful Lake George! Wow! Just stunning….crystal blue water, all shades of green, the chaperones found our next vacation spot! 

We explored the small town and had a little lunch before making our way north to The Sembrich…a studio and museum of the famous soprano, Marcella Sembrich, who was an original star of the Metropolitan Opera House in NYC, as well as being the founding director of vocal studies at The Juilliard School and The Curtis Institute of Music. 

Our tour guide, Caleb, enthusiastically explained the history of the studio where Mme. Sembrich taught her students in the summers. We were lucky enough to even do a little singing in the beautiful space! But before that, we enjoyed letting our visual artistic selves run wild with a paint class on the banks of the lake! Our art teacher, Maria, guided us through!

Above are our finished paintings! So multitalented!

Below is the studio space of Marcella Sembrich! Such rich history! …or should we say her-story!

After this, and after some maneuvering of a bus and some trees…we rode back down to the small village where we boarded a dinner cruise! Setting sail into the setting sun, all while enjoying a delicious meal, live musical entertainment, and one the most beautiful views!

Oh, and did I mention there was a conga line?! and Ms. Butler teaching the dance floor how to do the electric slide!? A splendid ending to a most enjoyable day! We journey to Québec City tomorrow! Bonne nuit!


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