Day Eight

Good morning from our lovely hotel in Milan! I will apologize ahead of time for both the brevity of this post as well as for any typos–I’m writing on my phone this morning because I was having issues with the Wi-Fi here.

Yesterday was another day of travel, leaving Montecatini and headed toward Milan. We stopped for lunch at a lovely rest area (a wide selection of sandwiches and such to hold us over), and then continued onward to Cremona. We had a little time for some gelato and shopping, but I opted to visit the city’s beautiful Duomo. We then headed over to the beautiful violin museum, where we learned all about the history of the violin and saw some amazingly rare instruments. My personal favorite was a 1679 Stradivari with some mother-of-pearl bling–one if only ten like it in the world. It was pretty incredible to see.

After that, we finished our bus trip with gusto, or at least my bus did–we had a full bus sing-along with selections ranging from “Bohemian Rhapsody” to “I Want It That Way”. Admittedly, I kept my headphones on…

We arrived at our hotel and had the pleasure of lugging our luggage up a flight of stairs before checking in. We then had a fantastic buffet dinner and then held the annual Paper Plate Awards. Many years were shed. This is a very special group.

So that’s it, really. On to the city for the day. One more concert!