Day 6: One day more…

Well, it’s our last night of tour, and I’m going to make this brief as we all have a lot of packing to do.

The day started with a tour of Schönbrunn Palace – what an amazing place! The self-guided audio tour was a perfect fit, allowing us all to explore at our own pace. And let me tell you, we did some damage at the gift shop at the end! Of course, by now all our boys are VERY done with group photos, so you’ll just have to trust me that they were all there (I counted multiple times, I promise!)

From there it was off to lunch at the Naschmarkt with the last of our per diem (we will miss you, per diem). It’s a really cool open-air market with lots of food options and a fun atmosphere. We ate everything from Greek to wiener schnitzel and goulash. Then it was back into City Center for the last of our free time in Vienna – which ended up meaning a lot more shopping. The gummy store (Bärenland) and the Comics store were particularly popular options.

After a quick trip back to the hotel to change, it was time for our final concert of this tour at Peterskirsche (St. Peter’s Church). It was a beautiful venue, complete with a mummy! The concert went well, and we enjoyed getting to sing with our friends one more time. It may not surprise you to hear that the post-concert dinner was decidedly boisterous, but everyone had fun. Add in a bit of turkey schnitzel and some apple strudel and it was a pretty great night.

We are sad to be saying good my to our friends from Children’s Chorus of Washington and Florida Singing Sons, but I think we’re all looking forward to a long night in our own beds and a few days of not walking very much!


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