Day 5 – A lovely day in every way

We started today with a great breakfast buffet (some AMAZING croissants), and then headed off to see a few sites outside of the city. First, we stopped off at the shrine of St. Anne de Beaupre, a gorgeous cathedral that welcomes nearly 1 million visitors each year.

From there, we traveled to Montmorency Falls, an amazing waterfall with a crazy amount of water flowing over it. We rode up to the top of the falls on a cable car, which gave us a great view, then got to walk across a bridge above the falls and look down on the water below. A truly amazing sight, and a great opportunity to see the natural beauty of this area.

After a lovely picnic lunch in a park right in downtown Quebec City, we headed over to a huge toy store – Benjo. Apparently it’s where Celine Dion takes her kids when they’re in town. It was great fun to poke around, and we found some fun things to take home. We rounded out the shopping at a delightful Farmer’s Market that gave us the chance to get in a little more shopping. A few of the highlights – French macarons, fresh strawberries, maple treats, jewelry, and souvenirs.

We got a couple of hours to rest at the hotel before heading out for our final concert of the tour at St. Andrew’s church. Although it was a small audience, it was a wonderful concert, thoroughly enjoyed by all. We followed up the “post-concert high” with a lovely farewell dinner, hosted by the funniest waiter. We all wanted to take him home with us. Before the evening was over, our 10-12 grade girls graciously shared paper plate and postcard awards with our entire tour family, including “Al the Bus Driver” and Marie, our French Canadian guide. What a delightful way to end our day!