Day 4 – I think we just drove to Europe

If you haven't been checking the PGC SmugMug page, you're missing out on a LOT of great photos of our trip! The Canada tour has its own folder within the 2014-15 season, and we're uploading photos from our travelers every day. Please contact the office if you need help with the password or other login information.

Today's blog post comes to you courtesy of a couple of our choristers (because we all know their point of view is far more interesting than mine). Enjoy – 

So far tour has been wonderful. Each and every day has been a new adventure. I am so amazed at how close I have become to some of the girls that I had barely interacted with beforehand. So far my favorite day has definitely been today, July second. Today was just a relaxed day of touristing and shopping. It was amazing to see all the culture in a place that is comparatively very young. You look a old Quebec compared to old city in my home town of Philadelphia and you would never be able to tell that they are roughly the same age. Also, everyone in Canada is so nice! I have only encountered one person so far that has been anything other than lovely. If I were back in a place like Philly it would have been the other way around. It has been such a fun experience getting to visit new places with all around wonderful girls. I can't wait to see what the next two days will hold! That's all for now. Au revoir!  ~ Corinne Hansel
Unlike yesterday's tour of Montreal, today we were dry and warm. We took a tour of the artsy, European styled Quebec City. Quebec was filled with replicas of French buildings and churches and everywhere you looked, unique paintings covered the stone walls and the ceilings were precisely decorated. Our tour guide explained the history of Quebec and the past behind all of the chapels. I really enjoyed viewing all of the gorgeous churches and museums and learning about it's culture. I'm looking forward for our last two days in Canada and can't wait to preform in our last concert tomorrow. ~ Sarah Scatena
A few other highlights – we tried Poutine, and it was great! The Canadian people are super polite and helpful. For example, one of our girls dropped their wallet at a department store, and the store found the PGC Cell number in her wallet, so they called 3 times to try and get hold of us so we could get the wallet back. Imagine that happening in New York…