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Day 4 – Caves, Concerts, and Chicken

After an early breakfast, the boys headed over to the final “working” rehearsal of our combined festival music – a quick chance to work any additional spots that needed finessing and continue building the ensemble sound. After about 90 minutes, it was time to load the buses once again for another adventure – this time, Walnut Creek and a visit to the Sinagua Cliff Dwellings.

To mix things up a bit, they split the bus groups with all the trebles in one bus and all the tenors/basses in the other. It was a great opportunity to spend time with more boys from the other choirs, build camaraderie and making new friends. We continued hanging out in some of these new groupings while exploring the cliff dwellings. We were warned ahead of time, but it was still a little surprising just how many steep stairs we went down to get to the dwellings (even more surprised how many we came back up – is it possible they doubled?)

After a couple of hours exploring, we came back to the university for lunch and a little “chill” time (as Mr. Meads instructed us) before heading to our dress rehearsal. It was a nice chance to walk through the logistics of the evening concert and rehearse each of the combined songs once in the hall without an audience. This was also when Mr. Meads discovered that the 15 minute set he had planned for our solo spot had been cut to 10 minutes. Since we had a few pieces we really wanted to perform, we got creative and started figuring out how we could make a few cuts to shorten time and still at least sneak 4 pieces into the time allotted. Rehearsing the cuts (particularly on Hold Me Rock Me) proved an eventful rehearsal, but in the end we got there and everyone felt good about where the piece landed.

By then, it was time to grab dinner and head back to the dorm for concert prep. Luckily Mr. Meads packed his trusty steamer, because some of the dress shirts had a HARD trip!! We will apparently need to have some lessons on packing. We had already sorted all of the uniform emergencies (BIG thanks to the mom who overnighted uniform pieces, not naming any names…), so after a bit of steaming and lint rolling the boys were looking good a ready to sing.

The concert went really well. Each choir sang a solo spot (some DECIDEDLY longer than 10 minutes…), followed by the combined festival choirs. PBC chose to sing Tungarre, Hold Me Rock Me, Ride the Chariot, and Come and Sing! It was a wonderful, receptive audience, and the boys enjoyed singing for them.

After the concert, we gave final instructions for tomorrow and while the Treble Choir headed back to the dorms to start packing and hang out with Mr. Meads, the Young Men’s Ensemble was invited to join Tucson’s YME for some post-concert nuggets at Chick-fi-a. It was a fun opportunity to continue getting to know our new friends from the west. The order for the rest of the evening was PACKING! Tomorrow we leave Flagstaff for the much hotter climate of Tucson, with a fun stop in Sedona along the way.


Now registering for Princeton Boychoir, Princeton Girlchoir, Poco Voce Choir for 1st & 2nd Graders, and Individual Voice Lessons!

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