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Day 2 – In which we nap and see some crazy tricks

A quick post tonight as we all want to rest up for tomorrow’s adventure at the Grand Canyon!

After an early night and high hopes of a lot of sleep, most of us were awake by about 5am (darn jet lag!), but on the upside that means we were quite prepared to leave for breakfast at 8am. Or at least we thought we were until we started going through the list again of everything were were supposed to have packed for the day. After the majority of the group went back up to their rooms to collect whichever item had previously been forgotten, we were off. We’re getting good at navigating the dining hall and they are taking good care of us.

Today was filled with several rehearsals, both combined and in our respective treble or tenor/bass choirs, with a great break in the middle of the day for a visit to the University’s Aquatics center. The highlight there was definitely the diving board!

After a nice rest time, we had our first opportunity to rehearse as PBC onstage in preparation for the evening concert. It was a little rough getting used to the new space, but we selected the pieces we wanted to sing and went to grab some dinner before returning to our rooms to dress for the concert. While at the dorms, we also started posting the first of our “gratitude notes.” Mr. Meads has asked each of us to notice the good things each other are doing for us or others and jot them down on a note. The goal is for everyone to write at least 1 note everyday. The notes are then stuck to Ms. Butler’s door so we all know where to find them. It was fun seeing the start of a great collection this afternoon.

Finally, it was time for the first concert of our Arizona festival. We really enjoyed hearing from all of the groups participating, starting with our friends from last year’s Baltimore festival, the Boychoir of Ann Arbor, then the youngest singers here from Hong Kong, who are also struggling with jet lag (and had a little trouble staying awake for the concert in the row in front of us – Evan has found his long lost best friend Oliver, an 8 year old who was out like a light the entire evening, with the notable exception of when they sang beautifully). Princeton Boychoir sang next, featuring all the boys together, as well as the Treble Choir and Young Men’s Ensemble on their own. Then, we finally got to see what we’ve all been waiting for – the Tucson Boys Choir did their rope tricks while singing, and we were all suitably amazed. Sadly, the concert ran a little long, so they rescheduled our rope tricks lesson for tomorrow night. Believe me, we are all excited and just a little nervous for that one! Stay tuned – I have a feeling there may be some good stories coming out of that one…


Now registering for Princeton Boychoir, Princeton Girlchoir, Poco Voce Choir for 1st & 2nd Graders, and Individual Voice Lessons!

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