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Tuition and Fees

Tuition for the 2023-2024 season is $1,495.00 for each chorister. You will also be responsible for a fully refundable music deposit of $50 if/when physical music is distributed.

Tuition Payment Plans
You may pay tuition all at once, in two or eight installments. Please note:
• There is a 5% fee of the full amount of tuition for credit card payments, charged on the first payment.
• Registration, credit card fees, and tuition are non-refundable.
• Monthly payments will be withdrawn or charged on the first of the month.

Please review the chart below:

Tuition Assistance
The Board of Trustees is committed to ensuring access to Westrick Music Academy’s
musical education programs regardless of a family’s financial circumstance. And Westrick Music Academy is grateful to its individual donors and foundation funding partners who provide critical support for tuition assistance.

Tuition assistance is entirely need-based. As part of the registration process, choristers who are invited to join one of Westrick’s choirs will be sent a registration form. On the registration form, there is a separate link to a tuition assistance application form for those families seeking aid. Each application for tuition assistance is evaluated using Westrick Music Academy’s sliding scale model (see below):

2023-2024 Westrick Music Academy Sliding Scale Tuition Assistance Model

This model is objective and equitable, ensuring that access to Westrick Music Academy’s finite tuition assistance funds is prioritized to those families most in need.

If a family qualifies for tuition assistance, their chorister’s Registration Fee will be
refunded upon tuition assistance award, and the family will receive two complimentary
tickets to all of their chorister’s performances.

Awards are subject to Westrick Music Academy’s availability of funding.

Tuition Assistance Application Process

1. On each chorister’s Registration Form, there is a link to apply for tuition assistance.
Clicking on the link will open a Tuition Assistance Form. Note: Families with multiple
choristers must apply for each chorister individually.

2. The Tuition Assistance Form will gather basic family data including household size
and will require families to upload all pages of current Federal Income Tax Return
(Form 1040, 1040-A, or 1040-EZ). If families have not yet filed a current Federal
Income Tax Return, they will be required to provide the most recent Federal Income
Tax Return or 1099 form.

3. The Tuition Assistance form also requires families to complete a narrative to support
the tuition assistance request.

4. Once the Tuition Assistance Form is submitted, families will be required to schedule
a conversation with Westrick Music Academy’s Executive Director prior to any award

5. Families will receive a formal accept/defer letter for every applicant based on the
objective sliding scale criteria, and for accept letters defining the precise award amount.

Tuition assistance may only be applied towards tuition costs and does not cover any
additional school fees with the exception of the chorister’s registration fee which will be
refunded upon tuition assistance award.

For further information, please contact Westrick Music Academy’s Executive Director at

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