A few words before bed

I’ve just gotten back to my room after a great time partying after tonight’s first gala concert. I am very tired, so will only offer a few words before heading to bed.

Speaking personally here, it’s been a particularly heavy trip. Between learning about the history of this city with The Troubles while walking the very streets where so much senseless violence occurred, the reality of the horrors of the Titanic sinking and its human toll that was made so vivid yesterday, and the current state of the world, I’ve just been feeling all sorts of feelings that I wouldn’t normally be feeling on a typical concert tour.

But let me say this: being able to work with the BEST of humanity (your daughters, Ms. Jenkins, Dr. Galvan, and the amazing parents who are along for the ride as chaperones) and seeing the beauty that they bring to the world on a daily basis gives me such joy and hope for the future. We are living in some crazy times, but to see everyone coming together with the common goal of sharing their beautiful music with the world–and sharing it so beautifully!–I’m just overwhelmed and in tears. It is an honor to even be here to experience this, and I am so happy to call PGC family. I love you all, and thank you for helping to bring so much joy and beauty to a world that so needs it.